the ones who

A voluntary, trust-based tax for global citizens.


of gross income, trust-based. Here's what's included.

Worldwide internet connection

Unlimited books and magazines ​

Lifetime free university education

Borderless bank account

Complete offset of CO2

Support of global opportunities

Reduction of global inequality

Reduction of poverty

we have a problem

The limits of a fragmented world.

"Humankind today — according to Y. N. Harari on The Economist — faces three common problems that make a mockery of all national borders, and that can only be solved through global cooperation. These are nuclear war, climate change and technological disruption. You cannot build a wall against nuclear winter or against global warming, and no nation can regulate artificial intelligence (AI) or bioengineering single-handedly".

The opportunity

Borderless services for our global community.

OneWorld is committed to accelerating the creation of a global human identity, promoting multi-cultural empathy, and building peace. How we do it? By providing world citizens with global, multi-cultural, borderless services.

a solution?


The freedom of private purchase meets the progressivity of tax systems: a voluntary, trust-based global tax to promote global identity and cooperation. Here's what's included.


of gross income, trust-based. Here's what's included.

Worldwide internet connection

Forget about expensive roaming costs. Now you travel everywhere in the world with the same mobile internet connection. And since internet is a fundamental empowerment tool, we provide it for free to every global citizen that needs it.
Our partners: AT&T — Vodafone — China Mobile — Movistar

Unlimited books and magazines

Just like your country provides you with (free) book rental, OneWorld gives you access to millions of books and magazines in digital format.
Our partners: Scribd — Audible — Google Books

Lifetime free university education

In a fast-transforming society, we may benefit from a more diluted education throughout our entire career. With OneWorld, you get free access to thousands of digital courses, from university majors to hands-on tutorials.
Our partners: Coursera — Udacity — MIT edX — Stanford University

Borderless bank account

We'll compensate for all the CO2 emissions you are directly or indirectly responsible for, from transportation to heating and nutrition. Become fully carbon neutral.
Our partners: TransferWise

Complete offset of CO2

We'll compensate for all the CO2 emissions you are directly or indirectly responsible for, from transportation to heating and nutrition. Become fully carbon neutral.

Support of global opportunities

OneWorld invests in the Institute for Global Priorities (Oxford University) and other research centres that are scoping global opportunities for better economical and social development.

Reduction of global inequality

At a global scale, there’s as much inequality between the different countries as between the different citizens within a single country. OneWorld is committed to reducing the gap between the richest and the poorest of the world through redistributive plans - similarly to the welfare systems put in place by the majority of democratic governments.

Reduction of poverty

Poverty has a huge cost for society: not only the human cost, but also the missed tax contribution, and the cost of care institutions (from social housing, to psychological support). Initiatives to reduce poverty - studies show - would easily repay themselves. OneWorld researches and supports the most effective initiatives to quit poverty.

There's more

Additional global services.

Easy VISA : : $9.00/m

You book your trips and holidays, we take care of the bureaucracy you need.

Global bike sharing pass : : $12.00/m

Jump on a bike, wherever in the world you are. Regardless you are in Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Seattle or London, our bike sharing pass grants you access to bike sharing in over 200 cities worldwide.
Our partners: Mobike — Vélib — BikeMi — Velo

Global tv : : $19.00/m

Gain access to a variety of on-demand tv programs from different cultures and geographical spaces, from BBC documentaries, to Bollywood movies, to American comedy shows.
Our partners: Netflix — Youku Tudou — Hulu — Amazon Prime Video

Art and culture pass : : $29.00/m

Get free or discounted entrance at every national museum: over 200,000 museums and art galleries are waiting for you.
Our partners: Dutch Museum Card — National Park Service — Tudou — Hulu — Amazon Prime Video

Global medical insurance : : $79.00/m

Get full medical coverage, both in your country and when travelling.

A trust-based tax for global citizens

A fragmented world reduces global wealth, boosts inequalities, and poses existential risks for our own survival.

OneWorld aims to spread a global cultural identity by providing a range of social services (from education to development) on a global basis, in exchange for a voluntary, trust-based 3% tax. 

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About this project.

Divisive sentiments seem to be on a rise – think about Brexit, anti-immigration concerns, the Wall on the Mexican border. This regionalism not only may reduce growth in the long run: it also hampers the global cooperation we need for facing some of the current greatest problems — nuclear warfare threats, global warming, safe AI, internal tax frauds just to name a few. 

Our actions (consumptions, emissions, political choices, …) have an impact on everyone else on the planet — and yet, we struggle to feel a global identity. Organizations like the European Union or the United Nations are contributing to the creation of this global identity, but at times they are perceived as heavy, expensive, top-down bureaucratic machines, too far away from the concrete needs of people.

Against the current trends, this project tries to show some of the visible benefits of global cooperation. 

“Educating people to be open to the other person — I think that’s the challenge of the twenty-first century.”  — Tony Blair

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