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Gifts that extend the life of the people you love.

Help your beloved ones live a long, healthy life. This shop is dedicated to products that help us live longer, healthier, and happier. Our team of physicians, psychoterapists and coaches analyzed the effects of a range of gifts on our behavior, and calculated the expected increase of lifespan.

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Help your beloved ones to life a long, healthy life. This shop is dedicated to selecting the products that help us live longer in the most effective way.

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About this project.

Do you often wonder about which gift to buy for your friends and relatives? When in doubt, would you be willing to buy a certain class of gifts, if they are statistically proven to extend the lifespan of the people who receive them? 

Give Life aims to raise awareness over the secondary consequences of certain products, in order to help us buy products and services that have a real, long-lasting impact on ours and our friends’ lives.

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