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Boosting gender equality,
1 door at a time.

Print this gender-neutral-restroom sign to turn your company’s restroom into a symbol of gender equality. It only takes 1 A4 sheet of paper, 1 door, and 5 minutes of your time.

Why we need more gender-neutral restrooms.

Standard restrooms

  • Two distinct toilets take more space and cost more than building one single space.
  • Women deal with waiting times 15x longer than those of men.
  • Restrooms are amongst the only places - together with shops and bureaucratic modules - where we keep on discriminating between men and women.
  • Some third-sex or non-binary individuals identify in neither male or female classification.

Gender-neutral restrooms

  • Unisex public toilets cost up to 50% less, and take up 50% less space.
  • Unisex restrooms decrease waiting times for women by 83%
  • Unisex restrooms may reduce the focus on gender differences, and promote a more unite, equal gender culture.
  • Gender-neutral restrooms increase the inclusion of non-binary individuals.
  • We're already used to gender-neutral restrooms: they are the norm at your home, in small restaurants, on trains, busses, and flights.

3 steps to de-gender your office, restaurant, or shop.


Choose your favorite Gender-Neutral Restroom sign and print it on a A4 sheet of paper.


Remove your existing restroom sign, or paste the new sign upon the other one.


Enjoy a higher level of gender neutrality at your workplace.

About this project.

Feminist and LGBTQ movements are dismantling walls and inequalities between genders. And yet, restrooms all over the world still depict a century-old distinction between men and women. At the same time, people who find hard to identify within one or the other, is usually offered no third choice.

May Neutral-Gender Restrooms help to create a de-gendered society, boost a culture of gender equality, and benefit both women and LGBTQ individuals?

Credits to Sam Becker, Software Design Lead at IDEO, for the idea of using a toilet roll as international symbol for “toilets”.

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